Welcome to CentreWorks

Our mission is to build an intentionally inclusive and resilient community. Our major programs, LIFTOFF, FUSION, and PURSUIT aid entrepreneurs in their startup endeavors, form community collaboration groups that address complex issues and barriers in Boyle and surrounding counties, inform community members of positive initiatives and provide opportunities for community members

Come visit our space! We are located at 236 W Main Street, Suite 300, Danville, KY.

Please use the 3rd Street Entrance.

Upcoming Events:

PURSUIT: Fake news vs. Real Fact

In this interactive session, we will begin to tackle the “wicked problem” of misinformation/disinformation. Learn some easy steps to identify and avoid Fake News with Dr. Karoline Manny. Dr. Manny is a Ph.D. graduate from the University of Kentucky, and her research interests focus on methods to assess information. Find the real facts!

Develop a personal strategy to be a better-informed media consumer. Join us on Monday, August 15th, 12- 1 PM. Open to all!


Our third RESILIENCE Bootcamp class will soon be joining us from August 18th-23rd. We are so excited to meet these incoming first-years at Centre and give them the tools to become a leader and begin making a change in their community

CentreWorks In Action

CentreWorks Liftoff 2020 with Adonis Logan '22

Kate Snyder's LIFTOFF Experience

CentreWorks Draw my FUSION Access to Fresh Foods

FUSION: Community Collaboration Group

FUSION is about getting people together to create new social initiatives and/or startups. Several FUSION Groups will be forming to address a breadth of interest sectors.

Come as you are! All you need is an interest.

Learn more about which FUSION Community Collaboration Group is right for you:

Access to Fresh Foods, Better Living/Better Housing, Medical Literacy, Technology

Join The Group Conversation:

“Access to Fresh Food in Danville”

Let’s talk about fresh food accessibility in Danville! We’d like to hear how easy, or difficult, it is for you to get fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and other unprocessed goods.

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LIFT: Skills Enhancement Courses

If you have something to teach (digital, physical, or professional) which advances

our community, this is the venue.