LIFTOFF Community #3 applications are now open until September 15th! 

LIFTOFF is an opportunity for anyone interested in learning about entrepreneurship and the Human Centered Approach. Whether you have a business plan or you are just wanting to get involved in the community and learn about how to start your entrepreneurial journey, CentreWorks LIFTOFF is the program for you. Applications are posted below. 

Welcome to CentreWorks

CentreWorks provides the creative environment for today and tomorrow’s entrepreneurial, social, civic, and community leaders to learn, collaborate, and innovate. We offer the regional platform to study and resolve complex problems, start new businesses, make connections, enhance skills, develop knowledge, and hone leadership. Until our downtown Danville construction is complete, CentreWorks is building foundations for a stronger community through remote opportunities like the LIFTOFF entrepreneur starters program and FUSION Community Collaboration Group – “Access to Fresh Foods”.


LIFTOFF: Experienced-Based Learning for First-Time Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders

We are excited to announce registration for our third LIFTOFF community is now open! This experience is open to everyone in the broader community interested in learning about entrepreneurship or starting their entrepreneurial journey. Due to COVID -19, LIFTOFF will be held virtually. For more information on LIFTOFF please visit our programs page! Centre students, this is also an excellent opportunity to become involved with CentreWorks. This is a 10 weeklong program that meets once a week at 6pm and will begin on September 15th.

OPPORTUNITIES IN NIL (Name/Image/Likeness)

Hosted by Centre Athletics and CentreWorks

Student-Athlete Roundtable Discussions

Two Sessions: September 13th and 20th, 7:30pm at CentreWorks

FUSION: Community Collaboration Group

FUSION is about getting people together to create new social initiatives and/or startups. Several FUSION Groups will be forming to address a breadth of interest sectors.
Come as you are! All you need is an interest.

Join The Group Conversation:

“Access to Fresh Food in Danville”

Let’s talk about fresh food accessibility in Danville! We’d like to hear how easy, or difficult, it is for you to get fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and other unprocessed goods.

LIFT: Skills Enhancement Courses

If you have something to teach (digital, physical, or professional) which advances our community, this is the venue.