Centre College established Centreworks in 2020 to partner with the city of Danville, Boyle and the seven-county regional community to serve as a catalyst to stimulate the recovery, establish resilience, and enable growth of Kentucky’s famed Bluegrass region. CentreWorks programming, available to the entire region, has been custom designed to provide collaboration, ideation, education, mentoring, skills enhancement, and investment opportunities. Concurrently, CentreWorks will be providing unparalleled opportunities for Centre College students, along with those from BCTC and local high schools giving them an early start on gaining experience with all stages of the entrepreneurial journey. In the process, CentreWorks will become the exemplary model for other nationally ranked liberal arts colleges to emulate.


Building resilient individuals and communities by fostering an entrepreneurial mindset at Centre, in Danville and the broader seven county region. Utilizing empathy, collaboration, and inclusion to address complex civic problems, confront social inequality, and unleash economic innovation to enrich lives. CentreWorks accomplishes this through the practice and hands on learning of the entrepreneurial mindset. That mindset includes empathy, curiosity, comfort with risk, growth through failures, resilience, grit, and perseverance. Attaining the entrepreneurial mindset builds the capability to recognize opportunity in unmet needs and challenges; design innovative solutions through understanding people, problems, and resources; and lead initiatives to address societal, civic, life and market needs.