PURSUIT- Lifelong Enrichment Quest

What is PURSUIT?

We take empathy seriously at CentreWorks. What better way to appreciate the wonderful people of Central Kentucky than to hold events that catalyze conversation, learning, and relationship/community-building. CentreWork's PURSUIT is designed to celebrate and encourage lifelong learning and ideation; both experiential and theoretical. We believe that if Centre students and community residents are afforded a space where they could learn about various initiatives, projects, and issues in Danville and beyond, it would initiate a greater sense of action and community. CentreWorks is this very space! A space where all are welcome and where all voices are amplified. Help us to bridge gaps that exist in our community! Become a lifelong learner! PURSUIT events inspire attendees who leave feeling hopeful about the future of their community. With PURSUIT, discussions, questions, and collaboration are always encouraged; this is a recipe for ingenious and creative ideas. Check out some of our PURSUIT events below.

PURSUIT: A Forum on Marriage Equality

Obergefell v. Hodges- Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

September 18, 2022

CentreWorks strives to create an inclusive space for all, and it was an incredible opportunity to listen and learn about the personal journeys, legal challenges, and current implications from the five couples who represented Kentucky in the historic Obergefell v. Hodges case. This case led to the Marriage Equality Act, establishing equal access to marriage for all. Thank you to the panelists and the Kentucky Lambda Society for empowering everyone who attended to be more empathetic and inclusive in our communities.

PURSUIT: What if This Changes Everything?

August 27, 2022

Thank you to the panelists and community who joined us to learn more about the intersections of faith, community, and finding your voice.

We believe in the power of having bold, critical conversations. This forum challenged our community to use our communities and resources to be an agent of inclusive change.

Thank you to author Matthew Paul Turner, Dr. Johann Van Niekerk, and

Rev. Joey Pusateri for organizing and sharing your voices with our community.

Solar Forum

June 23, 2022

Our community gathered at CentreWorks for Danville's second solar power forum. Thank you to our panelists, Brooks Lamb of American Farmland Trust (AFT) and local attorney Mark L. Morgan.

Brooks Lamb, who grew up on a small farm, is knowledgeable on solar power issues and their impact on rural and agricultural communities. He conveyed the importance of considering the magnitude of solar power and how complicated its factors are. Mr. Lamb currently serves as the Program Associate and Special Assistant to the President of AFT. Mark Morgan received a degree in environmental studies from Duke University, and previously worked for the Appalachian Research and Defense Fund of Kentucky, Inc. He broke down the regulatory issues of merchant solar production facilities, considering ordinances and amendments from the Kentucky State Board on Electric Generation and Transmission Siting.

After our panelists spoke, community members were encouraged to ask questions facilitated by Anthony and Andrea Margida.

Downtown Danville Gallery Hop featuring artist Germaine Dunn

June 2, 2022

The Downtown Danville Gallery Hop ushered in the Great American Brass Band Festival with artistry and style. At CentreWorks, we were thrilled to participate by hosting artist Germaine Dunn. Dunn is a graduate of Campbellsville University, as well as the Isaiah House Treatment Center. He is now a national-award-winning artist, and a recent artist-in-residence at the Art Center of the Bluegrass, as part of a larger initiative to amplify artists from underrepresented backgrounds.

When not working on his portfolio, Dunn serves as a faculty member at the Isaiah House, working as the art instructor, peer support specialist, and client care navigator. His gallery at CentreWorks was a smashing success; members of the community viewed and purchased Germaine's lovely work while engaging in enlightening conversations about the inspiration behind his touching pieces.

Thank you so much for coming, Germaine! You can continue to view and purchase Germaine's art displayed at CentreWorks.

Tech Talk Thursday

April 21, 2022

Tech Talk Thursday was an opportunity to demystify the tech industry for Centre students, high school students, and community members. Students and our broader community gathered for a lively discussion and lunch. Our panelists included Professor John Harney, associate Professor of History at Centre College, Josh Wilkerson, and Will Roberts, a skilled data scientist with a background in aerospace engineering, robotics, and AI.

Attendees left feeling refreshed and inspired as our panelists explained the basics and a how-to on dipping your toes into the tech industry. A basic understanding of the tech world is crucial in our developing entrepreneurial world.

Stephen Powell Memorial Sculpture Garden Presentation

April 28, 2022

CentreWorks hosted artist Brook White Jr. of Flame Run Studio, who presented his process for turning a vision of a sculpture garden into a reality. Brook is a '91 Centre grad; his intentions with this project are to honor an individual who had a significant impact on the course of his life. Brook took a GenEd Hot Glass class under world-renowned glass artist Stephen Rolfe Powell, a '74 Centre grad.

As described in his biography, "Brook credits his nearly decade of time spent with Powell as the inspiration he needed to start his own studio." Thus, after Powell's death, Brook wanted to create something that would honor his powerful memory. The memorial will double as both a sculpture garden and outdoor classroom, and will be unveiled on Centre's campus during homecoming 2022, which generally takes place in October.

Members of the community and Centre's campus gathered at CentreWorks to hear of White's passion for the project. It was a lively presentation and discussion, which left Centre students and community members alike excited about a new beautiful feature in their city.

Night Owl Gallery

April 21st, 2022

Night Owl Gallery was an opportunity for local high school and college students to display and sell their art to their community. Night Owl was a unique event, as artists are generally required to pay a fee to display and sell their art outside their school or institution.

Community members showed appreciation and support for our young local artists; Centre student Sam Adams' work was displayed at La Cosa Nostra, a recently-opened Italian restaurant that serves delectable entrees in downtown Danville. CentreWorks will continue to host events that amplify local artists.

Ionut Moga: Romania in Boyle County

July 24th, 2021


Ionut Moga, class of '24 hosted a zoom presentation on Romania for Centre students and community members. Ionut wanted to communicate that although Romania is not a wealthy country, Romanians still achieve success through remarkable hard work and perseverance.

A politics major and graduate of our first RESILIENCE Bootcamp, class of 2020, Ionut has been heavily involved with CentreWorks since the beginning. He was born in Romania and moved to the US at age 5. He spent the summer of 2021 in Romania, using the empathy interview techniques he acquired at CentreWorks to learn more about his native country. In his zoom presentation, Ionut presented what he learned through dozens of interviews with Romanian citizens, including politicians and a physician working with Covid-19 patients.

“The two biggest themes that I’ve discovered with all of the research are that any community can have success if they set forward to it, and work toward it, and that unity is also another path to success,” Moga said.