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What better way to have fun while building community than volunteering?! We believe that investing in relationships is crucial for an inclusive, resilient community. Volunteer at CentreWorks to invest in your relationship with our community. A bonus is building relationships with our wonderful staff, interns, and volunteers! CentreWorks volunteers can give back to the community in any capacity they choose by supporting event management, catering, community engagement, and our general operations. We welcome volunteers of all backgrounds, commitment abilities, skills, and interests, and we can’t wait to meet you!


CentreWorks is excited to partner with regional high school and college students to offer enriching, empowering, and dynamic internships. From strategic marketing to taking on a community challenge with our FUSION program to working alongside emerging entrepreneurs in our LIFTOFF program, there is truly no limit to what a CentreWorks intern can do! A CentreWorks internship means gaining real-time, real-world professional experience, networking opportunities, and developing written and verbal communication, graphic design, event management, community engagement skills, and so much more. We welcome interns of all backgrounds and interests -- our community needs your diverse identities, passions, and gifts! Click the button below to contact us and learn more about the impact you will have on your community and the benefits you will reap with a CentreWorks internship.

Student Worker Opportunities

CentreWorks loves to welcome community members to our space with an inclusive, resilient staff community! If you are a Centre College student looking for a fun, engaging, and valuable work study opportunity, look no further. A work study at CentreWorks means building relationships and networking with community members, creating a welcoming space, and supporting interns to ensure our community thrives. We welcome all interested students to apply to gain important professional skills and experience in the nonprofit and entrepreneurial world. Join the CentreWorks staff today!

What's in your toolbox?


Centre College students have the opportunity to earn Resilience-Corps badges through their involvement with CentreWorks. Each badge represents invaluable professional and entrepreneurial mindset skills and experiences gained and demonstrated at CentreWorks. Through a series of badges, the Entrepreneurial Mindset CentreWorks Certification EMC^2 documents a student’s cumulative entrepreneurial experience while at Centre College. Qualifying students earn the credential by working in a variety of innovative entrepreneurial roles, often through or alongside CentreWorks' programs. Students participate in, learn from, and facilitate programs within CentreWorks to earn badges. Five badges acquired in diverse programs culminate in the EMC^2 certification. Students or community members who pursue EMC^2 can expect to gain innovation process mastery, startup leadership skills, financial/investment acumen, communication essentials, and growth mindset.


This entrepreneurial bootcamp works to bridge and bond Centre College first-year students with the Boyle County community and broader regional community. Resilience is key to sustainable and thriving businesses, organizations, and communities. It is also an important tool to students who are entering a new community and the college world. Using a speed design format, students will experience the Centre/Danville community in a variety of ways. Working alongside community champions, they will gain skills essential to creative problem-solving through immersion in the entrepreneurial mindset and the Human-Centered Approach™ (HCA). Students will hone the entrepreneurial mindset promoted by the CentreWorks initiative, utilizing resources to develop successful business practices and positively impact the broader community. Students will gain skills essential to entrepreneurship through immersion in customer engagement, design thinking, peer collaboration, and learn startup principles. Outcomes include startup businesses and pilot programs, along with support for area businesses, social enterprises and non-profits. 

PURSUIT Enrichment Quest

Do you have a life-changing experience, passion, culture, cause, or research to share with our community? PURSUIT Enrichment Quest is a series of events that catalyze conversation, learning, and community-building. PURSUIT is designed to celebrate, encourage, and promote lifelong learning. All PURSUIT Enhancement Quest programs are community-inspired and led -- sometimes by students! Please join us to celebrate and educate our diverse community; you will be empowered. If you are a Centre College student, you may earn an R-Corps badge along the way to demonstrate your hard work and amazing contribution to making our community more inclusive and resilient. If you have something to share, please reach out to CentreWorks below!

Independent Studies and Academic Internships

If you are a Centre College student looking to expand your classroom, learn experientially, conduct research, or pursue a passion, talk to Andrea and Anthony Margida about an independent study at CentreWorks. We believe that community, entrepreneurship, social justice, and empathy are interconnected and impact all of us.  Whether you major in Theatre, Environmental Studies, Business, Politics, English, or Econ & Finance, CentreWorks customizes experiences for all majors. Previous independent studies include partnering with emerging English and Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs in the LIFTOFF program to work alongside throughout the program, writing articles for statewide publications, and interviewing distillery owners to understand and develop sustainability practices. Successfully completing an independent study at CentreWorks also earns you an R-Corps badge. What is your passion? Wherever it lies, come to CentreWorks to pursue it!


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