CentreWorks programs are designed to instill the entrepreneurial mindset and put it into practice experientially through hands-on programs that cover the entire entrepreneurial journey from collaboration and ideation through launch and operations for the Bluegrass region. If you have any questions about our programs, please contact us!


CentreWorks FUSION Community Collaboration Groups rally people around a common interest.  These collaboration groups take on complex community challenges.  Each FUSION group will address a community area of interest.  Using the Human-Centered Approach™ (HCA) to innovation, FUSION groups take advantage of empathy conversations to tap into the community perspective. What we learn from these conversations directly shapes how we define, ideate, and address problems. FUSION brings entrepreneurs and the community together to collaborate in ways that are equally beneficial entrepreneur and community. 

Current FUSION Community Collaboration Groups include Access to Fresh Food, Better Housing/Better Living, and Downtown Navigation.  Each FUSION Group is inspired by a community champion and facilitated by CentreWorks to ensure communication, inclusiveness, innovation, and continuity. Participants can expect opportunities for mentoring, team formation, collaboration, and launch of social enterprises and new startups.   

Several interest sectors have been identified as having potential for our seven-county community including fermentation, hemp, advanced manufacturing, the arts, technology, agriculture, and other champion-nominated subjects. If you have an interest in joining one of our FUSION Community Collaboration Groups or becoming a champion of one of your own, contact us at CentreWorks to get started.


PURSUIT Enrichment Quest is a series of events that catalyze conversation, learning, and community-building. PURSUIT is designed to celebrate, encourage, and promote lifelong learning.  What better way to appreciate the wonderful people of Central Kentucky than to provide a forum for them to share their local and global experiences and knowledge. 

All PURSUIT Enhancement Quest programs are community-inspired and led. You can, for example, share your insights on anything from local community causes to complex topics that transcend borders. CentreWorks PURSUIT provides the perfect platform including space, event promotion, and facilitation. 

CentreWorks is the place where all are welcome and where all voices are amplified. PURSUIT events inspire attendees and create the environment for community collaboration and creative ideas. Come with friends and meet some of your neighbors while exploring new perspectives.  

Check out some of our PURSUIT events below.


LIFTOFF is CentreWorks Entrepreneurship Starter program for first-time entrepreneurs and those curious about entrepreneurship. LIFTOFF provides the foundations to learn how to start or enhance your first business. Participants advance their startup capabilities and learn foundational financial, legal, and marketing skills. In a 10-week journey, LIFTOFF guides new entrepreneurs through CentreWorks innovation process, the Human-Centered Approach™ (HCA) to conceive of their own business initiative. Through HCA, participants work to create a solid business model and value proposition. 

CentreWorks LIFTOFF support goes well beyond the formal five sessions. The experience includes connection to area entrepreneurial resources and the CentreWorks community of entrepreneurs.  

Entrepreneurial Mindset Certification: EMC^2

The CentreWorks EMC^2 Certification documents a student’s cumulative entrepreneurial experience during their time at Centre College. Qualifying students earn the credential by working in a variety of innovative entrepreneurial roles, often through or alongside CentreWorks' programs. Students participate, learn, and facilitate programs within CentreWorks through a rotation process to earn their EMC^2 certification.

Students or community members who pursue the EMC^2 certification can expect to learn about innovation process mastery, startup leadership, financial/investment acumen, communication, and growth mindset.


This entrepreneurial bootcamp works to bridge and bond Centre College first-year students to the Boyle County community and broader regional community. Resilience is key to sustainable and thriving businesses, organizations, and communities. It is also an important tool to students who are entering a new community and the college world.

Using a speed design format, students will experience the Centre College/Danville community by working alongside community champions. Students will gain skills essential to creative problem-solving through immersion in the entrepreneurial mindset and the Human-Centered Approach™ (HCA). Students will hone the entrepreneurial mindset promoted by the CentreWorks initiative by utilizing resources to develop successful business practices and positively impact the broader community.

Students will gain skills essential to entrepreneurship through immersion in customer engagement, design thinking, peer collaboration and startup principles. Outcomes include startup businesses and pilot programs, along with support for area businesses, social enterprises and non-profits.

Learn more about CentreWorks and RESILIENCE Bootcamp! Prospective students are highly encouraged to stop by CentreWorks during their Centre College tour, or whenever visiting Danville. Contact us at the link below for more information or to schedule a meeting with the CentreWorks Staff and Interns.

It's never too soon to sign up for RESILIENCE Bootcamp! Limited spots available.


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